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Attorney Matt Wetherington founded Tire Safety Group with a mission of preventing wrecks caused by defective and poorly serviced tires through innovation and education.  TSG meets this mission by providing a suite of software, data, and educational material to consumers, safety advocates, and responsible members of the tire retail and service industry.  TSG created and maintains the largest database of recalled tires in the world that is searchable by tire DOT code.  TSG is also a leader in fighting for standardized guidelines for removing aged and expired tires from service.  TSG strongly supports a six year expiration date for all passenger tires, regardless of tread depth or usage history.

Tire Safety Resources for Consumers:

The Tire Safety Group enables consumers to obtain an instant Tire Facts report for any tire manufactured after 2001.  The free Tire Facts report includes a check for any existing recalls, an expiration notice, and manufacturing information about the tire.   TSG also provides informative articles and booklets on important tire safety issues in easy to understand language.

What is a Tire Facts Report?

Tire safety involves more than inspecting the tread depth and air pressure of a tire.  Since 2001, more than five million tires have been recalled in the United States.  Based on mandatory filings to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, less than 25% percent of recalled tires have been verified as removed from our roadways.

A Tire Facts Report will detect whether a tire is recalled or expired.  Simply enter the DOT code from a tire on the homepage to receive a complete report.  Here is what is included in a free Tire Facts Report:

  • Age of a tire;
  • Time left before the tire expires;
  • Recall status of a tire;
  • Country the tire was manufactured in;
  • The Manufacturer of a tire (including the true manufacturer of “store brand” and “off brand” tires); and
  • The specific manufacturing plant a tire was made at, including country, city, and state.
Sample Tire Facts Report - Click to Enlarge

Sample Tire Facts Report – Click to Enlarge

Consumers can also download the free Tire Facts app to obtain free reports on the go from an iPhone, Android, iPad, or iPad mini:

Tire Facts iPhone Application from Tire Safety Group

Tire Safety Resources for the Tire Retail and Service Industry:  

The Tire Safety Group offers a suite of software and database solutions ready for implementation with your POS software.  This software provides instant detection of recalled and/or aged tires.