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Tire Pressure Monitoring System: Purpose and Limitations

Tire Pressure Monitoring System AlertAlthough marketed as a wonder drug, a tire pressure monitoring system is not a substitute for checking the pressure of your tires each month. While tire pressure monitoring systems do serve a purpose, they do not (and never were) intended to replace the need for regular tire maintenance. These systems are, at best, an emergency warning system and the technology behind these systems is far from being perfect. (more…)

Continental Recalls 170,000 Motorcycle Tires

Michelin Recalls 1.3 Million TiresOn August 11, 2014, Continental Tire recalled 170,000 defective motorcycle tires. The recall includes Conti Attack, Road Attack, Sport Attack, and Race Attack tire lines. Continental’s Korbach, Germany, plant manufactured all the tires. Affected tires have an increased risk of sudden air loss and tread separation. Tire Safety Group encourages all motorcycle owners to check their tires by entering the tire’s DOT code here. (more…)

Checking for Recalled and Expired Tires Just Got Easier

Download the Tire Facts AppTire Safety Group has released an updated Tire Facts app for the iPhone and iPad.  The update makes it even easier to detect expired and recalled tires.  The app is faster and provides more content from Tire Safety Group, thanks to a re-design by New York-based DVMagic Studios.  Defective tire attorney Matt Wetherington said, “If this app can save one family from the pain of serious injury or loss of life, we will meet our goal.”


Proper Storage of Winter Tires

Proper Storage of Winter Tires can extend the life of your tiresProper storage of winter tires during the summer months can help extend the service life of tires.  Once the weather warms up and snow has melted from the roadways, it is fun to replace stocky winter tires with sporty summer tires ready for beach weather.  To help guide you through storing your winter tires until next year, we have surveyed the service bulletins and owner’s manuals of most of the major tire manufacturers to provide you with a general guide of the tire industry’s best practices for tire storage.  While it may be impossible or impractical to follow each of these suggestions, particularly when storing large numbers of tires, the below information can help inform your decisions when storing tires for the summer. (more…)

Tire Balancing Explained

4829508Keeping your tires balanced is an important part of regular tire maintenance. The weight of a tire must be properly balanced or a variety of problems can occur. A review of tire patent documentation from the 1940s reveals that tire manufacturers were concerned with the fact that almost every tire made differed slightly from all others. Naturally, this manufacturing inconsistency created difficulties for the tire service industry. As cars became more popular and the number of tires being sold increased to keep pace, these difficulties multiplied until they became a major issue for the companies servicing the tires.


Michelin Recalls 1.3 Million Tires for Increased Risk of Tread Separation

Michelin Recalls 1.3 Million TiresOn December 13, 2013, Michelin issued a voluntary recall of 1.3 million defective tires sold to consumers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  The defective tires have an increased risk of tread separation, which can lead to a loss of vehicle control and serious injury or death.  Michelin estimates that 100% of the tires included in the recall are affected by this defect.  (more…)

Preparing Your Vehicle and Tires for Winter

When fall comes to an end and winter is approaching, you need to begin to prepare your vehicle for the snowy streets and colder climate.


When fall comes to an end and winter is approaching, you need to begin to prepare your vehicle for the snowy streets and colder climate. Make sure you take the following steps to ensure that your vehicle is ready for the wintery roads that you are sure to encounter.


TSG Has a Q for U About Rock and Roll

© Molly Stenhouse

What can Van Halen teach us about dangerous and defective tires?  In the late 1970s and early 80s, Van Halen not only changed the world of rock & roll, but also ushered in a new era of live music.  The band brought truckloads of equipment, pyrotechnics, and Schlitz beer (the PBR of the 80s) into small and medium-sized cities across the world.  Because Van Halen was the first major production to perform in many of these venues, there were also major safety concerns. (more…)

Bridgestone Recalls 1.2 Million Tires Worldwide

Michelin Recalls 100,000 TiresOn November 8, 2013, Bridgestone issued a voluntary recall of defective tires sold to consumers in the United States and throughout the world.  More than 40 different types of truck and bus tires are included in the worldwide recall. Consumer complaints include sidewall cracks, poor inflation, and air leaks.  Tire failures involving any of these conditions can lead to serious injury or death.  You can check whether your tire is subject to this recall for free by requesting a free Tire Facts Report on our homepage. Consumers still in possession of recalled tires should remove the tires as soon as possible.


Tire Facts Now Available for Android and Updated for iPhone

UPDATE May 9, 2014: A new version of Tire Facts is Available for iPhone and iPad Users.  Click here for more information.


Tire Facts for AndroidTire Safety Group has released a new version of the “Tire Facts” app for Android users.  Now, Android and iPhone users can enjoy several notable features, including the ability to get a free Tire Facts Report anywhere you are, even if you’re away from your internet connection.  The universal app also saves tires to your phone for future reference, and is compatible with all Android phones, the iPhone, iPad, or iPad mini.  It’s a great way to find out if a tire is old, defective, or has been recalled.

The free app also comes with a number of new features.  Version 2.0 is now completely ad-free and comes equipped with easy flashlight access so that consumers can find the Department of Transportation (or DOT) code on their wheels easier.

All the app user needs to do is enter the DOT code into the app, and it does the rest; quickly letting consumers know if they are driving on faulty or already recalled tires before they get behind the wheel.

Driver safety remains priority #1 for the Tire Safety Group, and the new and improved free app is  a great way to make sure that consumers aren’t endangering themselves or others by driving on potentially defective tires.

Tire Facts - Download in Google PlayDownload the Free Tire Facts App from the Apple App Store

Additional information on the easy to use app can be found at www.tiresafetygroup.com/download-the-free-tire-facts-iphone-app/

By Matt Wetherington

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